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"We learned about Legacy Retirement Advisors from a personal referral upon our retirement to Paso Robles. Wanting to move our monies out of our employer's 401(k) plan was the primary reason we decided to enlist professional advisors. Jennifer and Ryan are a super team to work with. They listen well, ask lots of questions, and have shown us that there is a lot more to retirement planning than we ever dreamed of. With their guidance and advice, we are extremely happy with our future financial security. Whenever we have thoughts about making changes to our portfolio or want to consider
something we hear about, all we have to do is ask for their opinion. Their years of experience and understanding enable them to help us make the best, most informed decisions. We are comforted in the knowledge that they will weigh all options and give us their best advice." Mike & Allison D.

"Your most important benefit is your knowledge. I was able to retire! Legacy differs from other firms because it seems more homey, less big business. I always feel safe and comfortable in their office." Judy C.

"You offer professional and competent financial advice and I now have confidence with my investments. The service is personalized and attentive. Legacy has does an outstanding job in personalizing our portfolio with a focus on financial goals. They are always available when I have questions about my current and future investments. I would recommend Legacy Retirement to friends and family." Lee H.

 "Angela and I know that our investments are being looked after by people that truly care and want to see us succeed. We and I can rest easily at night knowing that our investments are being taken care of as the market fluctuates. It is definitely a calming feeling. When we met Jennifer and Ryan over a decade ago they took the time to know not only who we are, but what our goals were. Now, whenever we speak to them, it is like talking to family. It is a bit cliche, but if you want knowledgeable and friendly people with no pressure, then you cannot find anyone better." Gary and Angela P.

 "We have been clients of Legacy for many years. Ryan & Jennifer always take the time to explain in detail and in layman terms how the investments work and why they are recommending them for us. We have appreciated the work they have done with our retirement portfolio. We own our business and if we ever have any questions, Ryan is there with sound advice for us. They go above & beyond in their customer service and always make us feel like we are family. We have referred and will definitely continue to refer anyone looking for financial advice to go and meet Ryan and Jennifer. They will listen and guide you to help make the best decisions for your future." David & Yvette P.

"The benefit we have received from Legacy is the managing of our retirement investments. We have received peace of mind and confidence that our finances and in good hands. We appreciate the personal interactions and in person reviews. We believe they have our genuine interest in mind, are
trustworthy and transparent." Iran & Rebecca R.

"We appreciate the ongoing personal attention and guidance that we have received throughout our time with Legacy. Unlike most other financial planners, Ryan is proactive and reaches out to us to make recommendations, changes and to keep us informed about the standing of our portfolio. Personal attention is one of the standout features of the folks at Legacy Retirement. T hey stay involved and monitor events so they can consistently suggest beneficial changes. I tell people that randomly investing in 401k's and other retirement vehicles, without the guidance of a knowledgeable
professional, is no way to prepare for retirement. You need skilled people, who are dedicated to doing the best they can for you, actively monitoring your retirement portfolio. Anything else is simply being asleep at the wheel." Steve & Kris A.

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